Madrid’s Crosswalks Feature Better Art Than Most Galleries

Crossing the street has become a cultured experience in Madrid.

Bulgarian artist Christo Guelov is turning pedestrian crossings in Spain’s capital city into eye-popping works of art.

As part of a project called “Funnycross,” Guelov uses bold colours and geometric designs to infuse otherwise boring crosswalks with a bit of uplifting art.


Image by Guadalupe Sasubo

“Funnycross uses zebra crossings to intervene in the urban landscape,” writes the artist. “The metaphor ‘A bridge between two shores’ is the starting point of this artistic intervention.”

The initiative marks a way for the city’s residents to take in art even if they don’t have the time or money to hit a gallery – they literally have to walk right over it on their daily commute.

This accessibility and fusion into our daily lives is the beauty about public art and why its continued growth in cities across the world is essential.


Photo by Rafael Perez Martinez

The crosswalk art goes beyond visual appeal as well; Guelov hopes that the bold crossings will heighten awareness of both pedestrians and drivers.

Any takers, Toronto artists?

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