This is How Much it Costs to Rent a One-Bedroom Apartment in Canada’s Major Cities

You already know living in Canada’s major cities is hella expensive – whether you’re buying or renting.

Let’s take a look at the latter. When you have to mull whether dropping $1 on extra avocado for brunch is an absorbable expense because rent’s due in a few days, the term real estate crisis is applicable.

Especially given all the financial obligations of urban life, whether in Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal.

So, what kind of numbers are we talking about here?

Canadian rental portal Padmapper recently dove into its data to determine the median rent for Canada’s 25 most highly-populated cities.

Unsurprisingly, Vancouver tops the list by a major margin.

Toronto and Calgary round out the top three, respectively, followed by Victoria, B.C., and Ottawa.

Particularly discouraging is the month-to-month increase in rent prices; Victoria is the only city in the top 10 where prices are going down.

Living in Oshawa could be cool, too.