The Six Month Test: Is He a Keeper?

Ok, so you’ve been dating for a while now.

Somewhere along the way, your other booty calls, texters, and go-to “plus ones” have fallen off the map.

It’s just the two of you left. Together.

But is that a good thing?

Here are 14 signs it’s the real deal:

1. His Friends Could Be Your Friends
If you don’t like his friends, you had better start trying – his university and high school buddies aren’t going anywhere. Best-case scenario: his friends remind you of your guy friends and your girlfriends could be his friends too. Win/win.

2. You’ve Met His Family and All Went Well
Meeting the family was more enjoyable than it was tedious. In fact, they even reminded you a bit of your own. 

3. You Have No Problem Hanging Out Sans Makeup
That’s how comfortable you are with him. And you know he’s with you for more than your looks.

4. He Thinks Your Quirks are Cute Rather than Annoying
Whereas your exes may have criticized your quirks – like your indecisiveness or the way you eat your pizza top first – this guy seems to think they’re pretty endearing. You can tell from his smile.   

5. His Texts Make You Smile
Not only does his name on your phone screen still give you those old fashioned butterflies, you’ve been called out more than once for that stupid grin that crosses your face when reading a message from him.

6. He is Consistent
There are no more games – if there were even any in the first place (another good sign). You don’t have to worry about him not texting back, about him not checking in, or about him disappearing for a few days – at this point, that would be weird, and he knows it.

7. He Has Been there for You in Less than Ideal Times
We’re all familiar with the Marilyn Monroe quote (thanks, Tinder) that “…if you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.” And yeah – it’s kind of/sort of true. Once the honeymoon phase is over, real life will set in and it can’t always be as pretty as a third date.

8. He Remembers Things About You
The last thing any female wants is to feel like she’s waving her hands in front of a guy’s face, begging for him to notice her. Luckily, you can tell he listens ‘cause he knows your favourite food, where your parents are currently vacationing, and your big presentation.

9. You Don’t Get Anxiety When He Goes Out with His Friends
Because you know you’re the only one for him – and you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a drunk text later on.

10. The Term “Boyfriend” Doesn’t Make You Shudder
Actually, the term “single” suddenly does.

11. His Plans for the Future Aren’t Ambiguous
You know exactly where his head it at in terms of the future – and where he sees himself on 5 years. And yeah, you could see yourself right there with him.

12. You’ve Had at Least One Big Disagreement
Which is a good thing, because you’ve seen how he handles conflict.

13. You’ve Spent an Entire Weekend Together
Or better yet, an entire week. Spending a few hours or a night here and there is one thing – being able to coexist 24/7 is quite another.

14. He Has His Big Boy Pants On
He is over the games, over the drama, and ready to be a man. Most importantly, he’s ready to be a man with you. 


Cover image from: Friends

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