The Largest Private Tract of Land in the Entire World is Now for Sale

Have you been shopping around to invest in a piece of land?

Well, the largest private tract of land on earth is for sale in Australia.

And when we say the largest on earth, we mean that it takes an entire week via plane to see the whole thing.

We have no idea what you could do with that type of real estate, but we’re pretty sure owning the most land in a world that’s home to more than 7 billion people will probably come in handy at some point.

That, or just being able to tell people that you’re front yard is roughly the size of New Hampshire.

The Australian Kidman family – no, they’re not related to Nicole – has put their 11 million hectare (8,800 square mile) cattle kingdom in the Australian outback on the market. The Kidman family is the fifth generation descendants of Sidney Kidman, a self-made man who started a business at a young age that now produces 1.3 per cent of Australia’s beef. (That’s a lot of beef.)

So far, there are a lot of eager inquiries.

Thirty bidders from Australia, the U.S., the U.K., China, and Indonesia have been shortlisted for the sale. The sale will be finalized after each bidder completes a required week-long property inspection. The property – complete with its various cattle stations – is valued at $325 million.

The sale, however, is expected to net much more than that.