Someone Created Honest Wine Bottle Labels for Every Occasion and They’re Perfect

It takes just a few minutes on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest to understand the special relationship between millennials and a bottle of wine. Whether the occasion is festive, sad, lonely, celebratory, or just Wednesday, most of us probably appreciate wine with the same regard as family or best friends.


If only a bottle of wine could talk.

Well, thanks to wine whisperer Jeff Licardio at Vine Pair, we’re blessed with a collection of amazingly accurate wine bottle labels for every occasion.

Behold, the best, most honest, wine bottle labels in the world:

Olivia Pope BigBecause nothing goes better with burning your ex’s things than some Thai curry.How people survive with just coffee is still a mystery.We be all night, WINEEEEEEEEETrust us, this is fine.There’s no going back now.Pairs well with an intense Netflix binge.


Alright Mariah, settle down. Hamptons Gatorade Even your wine has higher standards than you do. There are no flaws in this plan. Absolutely no flaws. Wow. So grape. Nice. You don’t need to vacuum seal this one. Carefully harvested by specialists who ‘seriously can’t even.’ This isn’t the dirty picnic table you fell off of during college. Just please don’t get hysterical and start punching random things. Trying to get with me, with no money? And this bottle isn’t the only one who is, cough, cough. #IHopeMyBossDoesntSeeThis #Blessed At least you won’t be completely out of money. Literally our favorite day of the week. I love my job, I love my job, I love my job. And don’t you dare let Siri do the work for you since you can’t even type in your passcode. This is all your fault *sips wine*.

All photos courtesy of Vine Pair/ Jeff Licardio