A Town in Italy is Giving Away Free Houses…With Pretty Manageable Terms

Here’s a great chance to get a free house. (Without settling for Detroit!)

The Sicilian town of Gangi, a fascinatingly unique ancient settlement of impossibly dense quarters, is struggling to keep its population of just over 7,000 afloat. So to stimulate its tourism industry and local economy, the local government has decided to offer up vacant homes to businesses that want to spruce up the area with hotels and individuals looking for a European fixer-upper.

OK, free homes in Sicily. Sounds great, but what’s the catch? Well, there are a few…

For one, new owners will have to bear the expenses for the transfer of ownership. You’ll also be required to present plans of renovation within a year of purchase and complete these renovations within three years. Considering some of these homes haven’t been tended to in decades, some of the repairs are considerably extensive.

There are currently around 200 homes left, with a growing waitlist. Preference will be given to those who are committed to long-term stays and improving not just their property, but Gangi as a whole.

Interested? Call Mrs. Maria Saporito at 0921644076-1-249. For houses in Tuscany, speak to Ciccio: