The Coup + Meet Restaurant & Lounge

Being a town known for it’s selection of meat, it’s not always easy to find good vegetarian food in Calgary. Fortunately, The Coup + Meet Restaurant and Lounge has all your needs covered with lunch, dinner and even cocktails next door in their lounge. They source as many organic ingredients as possible and focus on turning the local flavours of Calgary and surrounding area into enticing meals. Everything served at The Coup Restaurant is made from scratch, so patrons are cautioned to be patient when waiting for an order.

For someone encountering a completely vegetarian menu for the first time, the dishes offered at The Coup may seem a little strange, but a more thorough examination of the menu will reveal that many of the flavours and dishes are actually more familiar than at first glance. The key to great vegetarian food, it seems, is to create new twists on old favourites by replacing meat ingredients with a vegetarian flavour and to combine intriguing tastes in unexpected ways. The only real difference between the Falafel Quesadillas and Tempeh Shawarma from The Coup and their mainstream equivalents is the absence of meat and the addition of quality ingredients and careful preparation.

Calgary’s The Coup Restaurants also offers an impressive drink and dessert menu for both day and night. The drink menu is varied in order to quench a multitude of thirsts and includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks served either hot or cold. Many of the desserts are vegan, which means that people who follow a very strict diet can still have something sweet. In fact, the staff at The Coup are open to substitutions if you’re vegan or have an allergy, but asking for some bacon to go with your Happy Hens Curry Tofu Scramble might be taking it a bit too far. Whether you’re a vegetarian, or a carnivore just interested in seeing the meatless side of Calgary, The Coup is a must-try. The Coup + Meet Restaurant and Lounge, 924 17th Avenue SW, Calgary, 403-541-1041.