Tubby Dog

The best measure of great late night eats is now much your eyes widen when you receive your plates of food. When your get your dog at Tubby Dog, your eyebrows are likely to get to know your hairline in ways that they never have before. Tubby Dog’s hot dogs redefine what this backyard barbecue classic can be by serving up some of the most unique food in all of Calgary. Tubby Dog has monthly specials that are as equally awe-inspiring as their regular menu. To work yourself up to the big leagues, you might want to start off small with the Tubby Dog hot dog topped with homemade chilli, bacon, cheese, onions and mustard. When you’re feeling more adventurous, you can move onto the PBJ which is exactly what it sounds like: peanut butter and jelly on a hot dog. You can turn a PBJ into Cap’n’s Dog by adding the optional Cap’n Crunch. For a hot dog with Japanese flare be sure to check out the Sumo dog with Japanese mayo, wasabi, pickled ginger, lightly toasted sesame seeds and seasoned seaweed. When you’re finally ready, you can take on the Sherm’s Ultimate Gripped. The dog is wrapped in bacon, deep friend and then topped with ham, homemade chilli, cheese, mustard, bacon, hot peppers, onions and a fried egg.

If one of Tubby Dog’s massive hot dogs isn’t enough, Tubby offers sides such as yam fries, tubby chips, pickled eggs and the legendary big pickles. Tubby Dog is also beloved by the people of Calgary for their deep fried Twinkies, and cheep beer. This Calgary resto also hosts the occasional band and specialty nights. Stop in Tuesdays for tacos and old episodes of 90210.

Some final words of advice if you’re going to head over to Tubby Dog any time soon: make sure you get lots of napkins, be prepared to pay in cash, and grab a fork before you dig in. Tubby Dog, 1022 17th Ave SW, Calgary, 403-244-0694.