Laurier Lounge

The reasons for loving Laurier Lounge are almost too numerous to list. For starters, they claim that their Warren Buffet Burger is the best burger in Calgary, and that their Cajun Chicken Burger is the second best. Both are delcious choices: the Warren Buffet is topped with onion, emmental cheese, horseradish and aioli while the Cajun Chicken is topped with spicy raspberry chutney, brie and garlic aioli.

The thing that distinguishes Laurier Lounge from many of the other lounges in Calgary is that they have fondue – that glorious 70s favourite that’s starting to make quite the comeback. The fondue menu is arranged to be enjoyed by two, and diners can choose between the Beef experience and the Seafood experience. The meal is finished with a chocolate fondue featuring Callebaut Chocolat with seasonal fruit for dipping. The fondue can also be ordered as an appetizer, as a single course (rather than a whole meal) or the dessert fondue can be ordered on its own.

Laurier Lounge also believes in choice when it comes to their poutine selection. Diners can choose from the “Real Deal” poutine with cheese curds and gravy, Ground Beef and Mushroom Poutine, and Duck Confit Poutine with dried cranberries.

It’s not surprising that a lounge named after our first francophone prime minister would have many different dishes inspired by Quebec on the menu. After all, it would seem that the hungry diners of Calgary enjoy a hearty meal as much as the Quebecois do. The French influence is also found in Laurier Lounge’s tapas menu which includes Montreal Steak Skewers and Traditional Garlic Butter Escargot. You’ll also find the flavours of Quebec in the dessert selection with selects such as Maple Pudding Chomeur, which is a cake with a maple syrup sauce. There’s also the Crepes Suzettes with orange and Grand Marnier Sauce.

Laurier Lounge mixes good food with great beats on the weekends and people are encouraged to linger after dinner and enjoy another cocktail. If all of that isn’t enough, try brunch on their patio in the summer. You’ll never want to leave. Laurier Lounge, 1111 7th Street SW, Calgary, 403-228-3771.