The Condo of Tomorrow: How developers like Tridel and UrbanCorp are changing the way we live

It’s Friday night, you’re heading home after a hard week in the office and you’re contemplating whether or not to hit the town after work. Now what would make this decision a little easier for you?

Perhaps arriving to a nice toasty home with lights on and your favourite tune playing would help? Believe it or not, now, thanks to integration of the Control4 My Home app, this can all be arranged with the touch of an iPad.

Tridel – one of the largest condominium developers in Toronto – has just created a new type of “high-tech lifestyle” in which your home is controlled by an iPad app, similar to home consoles, but with a little, more affordable twist. Essentially, pretty much everything electronic is controlled by the Control4 My Home app.

The company partnered with Cisco to develop a one-of-a-kind penthouse suite – which is selling for around $800,000 – in one of its new buildings just outside Toronto’s downtown core. This exclusive penthouse is decked out with the latest high-tech gadgets and Tridel hopes that the trend will catch on for other condominiums in the city. (Tridel and Cisco have also struck a partnership that will see the latter outfitting one of the former’s upcoming builds.)

control4 my home app

Across town, another major developer, UrbanCorp, is promoting three new developments with a similar iPad and high-tech setup – these are being packaged as “standard features” for each unit, and run about $25,000 as an add-on.

Among other things, this new exciting technology can allow you to crank up the heat or AC, arrange for a song to be played when you enter your house or switch on your bedroom light – all from the convenience of an app. You can preset sequences too, so that daily your home automation does exactly what you like when you arrive.

If you’re reading this and are finding your jealous with home automation envy, the good news is you can have your current home outfitted similarly, for about $10-15,000.

No doubt, these high-tech gadgets will become common everyday features for the young professionals of tomorrow…but luckily the young professionals of today can start to enjoy these sophisticated amenities too. As we grow and evolve in a world that is becoming evermore dominated by technology, the implications may be startling, but the comfort is totally notable.

Check out Founder Julian Brass’ interview on Global TV Toronto’s The Morning Show on Monday about the iPad condo…