Hennessy Paradis and Richard Hennessy Cognac

For Cognac drinkers the world over, the spirit is synonymous with quality, refinement, and bold flavours. Some young professionals know this rich, grape-based spirit and love its nuances and profiles. It has a joie-de-vivre about it, a pleasing and harmonious balance of spices and fruits. Some flock to it because it’s cultured and refined, like a crisp bespoke suit. Yet there are those who have yet to discover the flavours and aromas of a fine cognac…yet.

Luckily, for both the seasoned sipper and the cognac neophyte, Hennessy is releasing a limited amount of Paradis on October 29th, one of their most-aged cognacs to date. To say it is mouth-watering would be an understatement. Hennessy Paradis is perfection in a bottle, a cognac that is the fruit of successive blends combining hundreds of exceptional eaux-de-vie aged from 25 to 130 years from the finest growing regions in Cognac, France. Paradis was created in 1979 by Maurice Fillioux, and today Yann Fillioux carries on the tradition, being the seventh generation Master Blender at Hennessy, and continually improves the eaux-de-vie that will be used by his successors.

Paradis’ coppery gold colour conceals a burst of pepper, spicy notes that are then softened by the floral aromas. With slight hints of cardamon and cinnamon and aromas of crystallized fruit following fragrances of dried roses, and touches of honey and truffle, Paradis creates a veritable fireworks display for the senses. Nothing is lost, everything gradually reveals itself, culminating in a perfect harmony that will delight a discerning palate and excite a new taster.

Hennessy will also be releasing something extremely decadent on November 26th: Richard Hennessy Cognac. Richard Hennessy Cognac is akin to the penultimate in excellence for the brand. Named after the company’s founder, Richard Hennessy Cognac draws on 200 years of knowledge, talent, and passion. It is a true and masterful tribute to the founder of the House of Hennessy.

Richard Hennessy Cognac is a blend of the Grands Siècles, a unique assemblage of over 100 eaux-de-vie matured to their fullest – the oldest of which is extremely rare. Some eaux-de-vie in this cognac had been selected in the early 19th century and were nurtured throughout the ages. Richard Hennessy Cognac’s flavour is balanced yet complex, with a rich bouquet that slowly releases a succession of aromas like vanilla, pepper and spices, and florals. It’s a finessed blend to be certain, and one that tantalizes the palate.

While Hennessy Paradis and Richard Hennessy Cognac are two blends that deserve to be enjoyed on their own, for the cognac drinker that enjoys mixing flavours and textures, Hennessy Black is the perfect spirit.

hennessy black

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