The Best Cheese in Canada was Just Selected

If you have a thing for cheese, you may have a few new types to knock off your bucket list. 

On April 22, the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix winners were announced in Toronto. 

The ever-growing biennial Grand Prix is sponsored by the Dairy Farmers of Canada and to make the list is a pretty big deal. 

The Grand Champion and 27 category winners were selected from a record-setting 268 cheese entries submitted by cheese makers from across the country. 

This year’s title of Grand Champion was granted to Fromagerie du Presbytère and expert cheese-maker Jean Morin for his triple-cream bloomy-rind cheese, Laliberté. Morin is no stranger to the award-winning cheese world: he first won the Grand Champion title in 2011 for his mountain-style cheese, Louis d’Or (which was a category champion this year).
What can you expect from the cheese if it ever graces your cheeseboard? 

The melt-in-your-mouth cheese is described as creamy, decadent, and smooth, and made complete with sweet grass and mushroom notes. Made out of 100 per cent cows milk, the cheese is named after famous Quebec sculptor Alfred Laliberte and took a year and a half to create. 

Not to be “cheesy,” but, it sounds like a perfect 10 to us. 

Find the complete list of award-winning cheeses here.


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