This is the Most Dangerous Pool in the World and These People Are Insane

Some people – the type who won’t take their kids tobogganing without a helmet and knee pads  – always opt for the comforts of an all-inclusive resort when they vacation, where the only risk is the off chance they contract Hepatitis A from an ice cube. 

Others, meanwhile, go balls to the wall beyond their borders, risking their lives in far-away lands for the perfect Instagram. 

They are these people, seemingly insane individuals whose idea of ‘holiday’ is splashing around in what’s called ‘Devil’s Pool’, surely the most dangerous in the world. 

It sits atop Zambia’s Victoria Falls, providing swimmers a “safe” wading area just a few feet from a 100-metre drop to one’s death. 

Yup, looks safe…

Maybe leave the kids at home for this one.



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