The 5 Best Moments From the NBA All-Star Weekend in Toronto

As you definitely already know, Toronto hosted the annual NBA All-Star Weekend over the weekend.

It truly did feature a bit of everything: celebrity parties, sneaker shops on streetcarsnon-stop Drake, retirement party for a 37-year-old, Sting for some reason, the best dunk contest since Vince Carter, and a game with the same points total as 10 Sixers games combined.

We’d of course understand if you couldn’t quite keep up – which is why we’ve rounded up the top five moments from this weekend’s festivities…

1. The best dunk contest maybe ever

No disrespect to the 2000 NBA Dunk Contest, aka former Raptor Vince Carter’s coming out party, but this year was truly special. Minnesota’s Zach LaVine was crowned repeat champ, but it would have been equally fair to declare Orlando’s Aaron Gordon the winner, who had what was in our opinion one of the best dunks ever caught on video (2:25).

Oh, and Canadian NBA legend Steve Nash came out of retirement to hook up Detroit’s Andre Drummond:

2. Kobe Bryant tribute Perhaps the greatest ever basketball player not named Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant appeared in his final All-Star game in Toronto. It was his 18th All-Star appearance, an incredible feat honoured by this tribute:

3. Kevin Hart proved his basketball credentials

Comedian Kevin Hart, who’s ripped but by no means an NBA-calibre athlete, tied Golden State Warriors power forward Draymond Green, an MVP-calibre NBA player, in a three-point shoutout. This was not supposed to happen.

4. Klay Thompson catching fire

Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson caught fire and sank every money ball on the final rack of the three-point competition to beat teammate Stephen Curry.

5. The stars in slo-mo

The main event, of course, was Sunday’s All-Star game. Sure, it’s a casual affair marked by James Harden defence, but the NBA’s Phantom cam makes it look like one hell of a dramatically awesome event: