Take Your Next Meeting Poolside at Cabana Pool Bar

It’s no surprise people aren’t working the way they used to.

For many of us, the days of toiling away in a cubicle on that 9-5 grind are gone.

Thank God for that.

There’s a reason why a growing number of employers allow their employees to work from home and why the term “digital nomad” is now a thing. Many people are also moving their meetings from the boardroom to more exciting, non-traditional places.

Case in point: Cabana Pool Bar.

Sure, the beloved Toronto summertime venue may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think ‘meeting’, but it’s definitely worthy of consideration. It’ll impress both potential clients and coworkers alike.

Think: a pristine cabana with a stunning (and very Instagram-worthy) view of the city as a backdrop to your “boardroom” for the day.

Of course, it’s also perfect for office team-building activities and happy hour festivities. But you already knew that.

The refreshing, outdoor setting lets you take full advantage of our limited summer months, the food and drink offerings are among Toronto’s finest, and, who knows, the change of scenery may foster creativity when it comes to brainstorming sessions.

Not to mention, when the meetings are done, the venue offers some prime networking opportunities – perfect for connecting with people and building relationships.

If you’re in charge of planning your next team-building activity or client meeting, consider hitting up Cabana on Friday, August 19th (or any Friday for that matter).

Not only is beloved Toronto DJ Chris La Roque spinning, but we’ll also be hosting a special Notable guest list with no cover – click here to secure your spot.

You can thank us after you secure that next great client campaign.