Take a Look Inside This Beautiful Boutique Building in Vancouver’s Kitsilano Neighbourhood

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Perfect weather with just a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and my camera hanging around my neck.

I walk towards my first Vancouver appointment, gazing in wonder. It looks like this whole neighborhood was once an experiment where nature obviously won, and now, the settlers of Kitsilano simply manage the best they can to keep their houses from disappearing under the thick vegetation. I’m not kidding.

Today we visit a unit inside a modern boutique building named The Mack, with Sotheby’s agent Anne Mainwaring. Inside you’ll notice, everything is Pinterest ready.


The Landscaped Patio
As soon as you slide outside from either the living room or the bedroom, you’re immediately surrounded by a 530 sq. ft. landscaped patio where nature has been tamed to provide perfect intimacy. We’re perched on the second floor, but still, it felt like enjoying a private garden and backyard. The fountain is a custom work commissioned to Vancouver’s sculptor and artist Ken Clarke. It ensures a proper irrigation of the whole masterpiece and soaks the terrace in a serene soundtrack.

Over the Top
The owner of this hidden gem is Ali Landucci, also a real estate agent at the firm. “You have to see it from the roof to understand,” she announces. Then keys start clinging and a trap swings and hop, we’re on the rooftop with a panoramic view on the calm block surrounding The Mack. She was right, the patio is a cozy private oasis that extends a lot of square footage to this home.

Walking the Narrow Streets of Kits
When leaving The Mack, I got lost in the area simply to take it all in – trying too wrap my mind around the beauty of this unique Canadian neighbourhood. Don’t forget, you’re just a 10-minute stroll from Kits Beach. That is not just fair. Many thanks to Anne and Ali who let me in on this beautiful morning. On to the next one, Vancouver…

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