Two Naked Selfies Sent to HR: Chicago Man’s Massive Hiring Fail

Talk about an HR fail.

A young Chicago man sent naked selfies to the human resource manager at a company that had just offered him a job.

Whether it was his way to introduce himself, or to say ‘thank you’ remains a little unclear.

The man reportedly snapped and sent two nude photos to the female would-be colleague over a three-day timeframe. According to police, the manager informed them of the incident on August 14, a day after the last picture was sent.

Earlier in the month, the company had made the 23-year-old man a “conditional offer of employment.” It’s pretty safe to say that those conditions no longer exist and that the job’s up for grabs again.

According to the police report, the man admitted to sending the photographs but said they were meant for someone else. Suuure.

On the upside, he’s only 23 years old, so he’ll have plenty of time to find his way…or make more hilarious mistakes.