Summer Fashion Trend: High Waisted Jeans

High-waisted jeans seem to be one of those trends that every woman yearns to try, but when it comes down to pulling up our pants we end up just showcasing every perceived bodily flaw that we didn’t even know we had. High-waisted pants have become one of the hottest trends over the last couple of years, but this season they’re bigger than ever. Gentlemen, we know you’re cringing, but we’ve even noticed men’s waistlines rise. Goldman Sachs recently reported that high-rise pants are “emerging as the apparel product of the decade.” So how can you make high-waisted jeans work for you?

Fit is paramount; this silhouette draws attention to your hips and waist, so we must use it to our advantage. First, pay attention to the leg shape and fabric. Boyish figures can wear a thicker, more raw denim, whereas curvy women suit a stretchier fabric to compliment their curves. The key to flattering your body in a high-waisted pant is to show off your waist, so a crop top is the perfect item to pair with them. Blouses, sweaters and tees that are on the longer side should be tucked in and/or belted to create a cinched hourglass figure. Also, pairing with a heel helps to elongate the body.

Though some young professional women may remain wary of this style, there are ways to avoid looking like you’re wearing the dreaded “mom jeans.” The good news about this trend is that we’ll see less muffin tops while longer legs and slimmer waistlines emerge.

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