Somebody Invented a Special Water to Take Your Coffee to the Next Level

Admittedly, I’m no coffee purist. Most mornings, some instant with a splash of half and half is enough to get me going (blasphemy, I know).

So you can see why it’s hard for me to understand why designer coffee water is apparently a thing now.

Aquiem is a new packaged water product formulated specifically to enhance your daily cup of Joe.

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The water is distilled to remove all minerals – “and then we add back a blend of essential minerals that specifically enhance the flavor, the aroma and the consistency of the coffee,” Aquiem co-founder Rob Vidacovich told Daily Coffee News.

So basically, if you’re making your coffee with regular tap water, you might as well just pour that peasant juice down the sink right now.


All jokes aside, Aquiem makes it clear that this is not a product for the average consumer. Their ideal customers include luxury hotels and true coffee connoisseurs who already splurge on things like quality beans and grinding/brew equipment to ensure they have the best cup of coffee possible.

If you’re interested, Aquiem is currently available on its website for $25.68 USD for a shipment of 12 one-liter (recyclable) cartons.

If it’s not for you, don’t worry – Tim Hortons will always have your back.