You May Soon Be Able to Get Your Tim Hortons Fix in the Philippines

People in the Philippines will soon be able to enjoy the classic Canadian combo of a double-double and a doughnut.

Yesterday, Restaurant Brands International, the multinational owner and operator of Tim Hortons and Burger King, announced that it had partnered with a group of investors to establish a master franchise joint venture company to sell double-doubles and doughnuts in the Southeast Asian country.

tim hortons

This likely won’t be the first country in the region to welcome the brand.

The company chose the Philippines for its first stop in the sub-region of Asia because the country has a strong economy and a fast-growing quick-service market, said Daniel Schwartz, its chief executive.

Schwartz also said that the country has an affinity for coffee and baked goods. This was determined after months of market research.

The company has big goals for the Philippines.


Though RBI didn’t say how many shops it plans to open in the country, its chief financial officer Joshua Kobza said, “we aim to be a leader in the market.”

Currently, some of its soon-to-be competitors have hundreds of restaurants in the country.

It’s safe to say that the beloved and iconic Canadian brand isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, as it continues to slowly caffeinate coffee-craving people outside of the Canadian borders (and within them, of course).