Samsung Has Created a Transparent Truck to Make Roads Safer

If trucks make you nervous or impatient on the road, you’ll be happy to know that Samsung has unveiled plans for a transparent truck.

It’s all in the name of road safety, and it’s a pretty simple idea.

It involves the installation of a wireless camera on the front of large trucks and an accompanying video wall that displays on the back of the truck what the camera sees from the front. So, if you’re stuck behind a large, slow-moving truck, you’ll have a clear, real-time view while you assess whether to pass the big rig.

They’re appropriately dubbed “transparent trucks.”

Samsung isn’t the first company to render vehicles see-through. In Japan, researchers used mirrors and cameras to do so on a Toyota Prius. As for Samsung’s transparent rigs, don’t expect to see them on the road anytime in the near future. The project is still in its early prototype phase.

The company tested one truck in Argentina – a country with the fifth highest number of car accidents in the world. Though the truck is no longer on the road, Samsung is set to work with NGOs and governments to ensure the technology is properly regulated.

Check out the concept here: