Montreal’s Enchanted Underground Forrest Soubois Officially Opens Today

Ever dreamed of feeling like you’re in a difference place without actually having to leave Montreal?

We might just have the answer.


One of the most highly anticipated restaurant/bars of the year, Soubois, is officially opening tonight after its soft opening run.


Soubois, the new hotspot from the mother-son tandem of Francine Brûlé (Les Enfants Terribles) and Alexandre Brosseau (Flyjin), is ready for action.

Principals in the bistro du terroir include chef Guillaume Daly (Les Enfants Terribles, Grinder, XO), JP Haddad (Globe), Philippe Rainville (Flyjin, Le Filet, Les Enfants Terribles), Thomas Hatzithomas and Christopher Karambatsos.


Soubois is a complete makeover of the space that once held the likes of Copacabana and Peel Pub. Upon entering, you feel like you entered something out of an adult fairytale, filled with wooden trees and nature-like wall art.

Breathtaking is what comes to mind.


Tiered dining areas, curved banquettes, two bars, a wine cellar (which holds over 1800 wines), a lounge, and a sectioned-off private table for ten makes up this enchanted and unique space.

Basically, a pretty impressive platform for Chef Guillaume Daly’s cuisine.


The food is  “bistro du terroir”, serving French-Canadian market fresh produce and sourcing as much wild produce as possible. The menu will have some classics with a twist, but also propose more adventurous options.

Dishes like snow crab, elderflower, cherry tomato, wild masala and venison tartare, asparagus, quail egg, pickled mushroom and spruce will be on the menu.


So how notable is this place? Let’s just say Bono and Guy Laliberte made themselves at home there this past Saturday.

Soubois is now officially open from Tuesday to Saturday from 7 pm until….well, whenever the party stops dancing away to DJ Thomas H.