Running for a Cause in Calgary

No matter how hectic our schedules, making time for exercise and active living is essential. YPs in Calgary are fortunate to have many amazing opportunities to incorporate activity into our daily lives: we have often overheard tales of a weekend spent skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing in the mountains (Rocky, of course) while waiting in line for our Monday morning coffee. But Calgary YPs are more than just weekend warriors; spend just one day along the downtown Bow River pathways and you will see that it is packed with young professionals who are making the most of their busy day by running before work, over their lunch break, or after work.

In fact, running is an ideal activity for busy YPs: it keeps us looking and feeling our best and it’s an opportunity to recharge and refocus. Many young professionals will also tell you that they have met important professional and personal contacts through training and racing. Running can also be done practically anywhere – at home, Calgary YPs have their pick of pathways that extend over more than 700 km. And, should you find yourself travelling for work, going for a run can be a great way to explore a new city. All you need is basic running gear and a smartphone app that will map the best running route for you.

Running is also an excellent way to make a difference through participation in charity runs. Much of Calgary’s downtown pathway system is anchored on the Bow River, a glacier-fed river that provides not only a stunning backdrop to our active pursuits, but also an abundant supply of drinking water. Let’s face it: we are lucky to be able to count on reliable access to clean drinking water, when more than 40,000 people die every week because they lack access to clean water. 

YPs have the opportunity to direct their love of running to help build clean water infrastructure in villages in Ethiopia through Calgary Run For Water, a 5- and 10-km charity race that winds along the Bow River and ends in Eau Claire. Last year, enough money was raised to provide 1,429 people in two villages with clean water for life. All of the funds raised through Calgary Run For Water go to a clean water project in Ethiopia that is run by HOPE International Development Agency. 

This year’s race day is September 8, 2012; to learn more about Calgary Run For Water, HOPE International Development Agency, and how you can sign up and start fundraising, click here.

Photo courtesy Run for Water