Ringly’s Cocktail Ring: The Latest Must Have Wearable Technology

We’re already into the era of wearable technology, and Ringly just launched one of the most stylish and convenient products for women of all: a cocktail ring that actually notifies you of calls, texts, emails and push notifications. The ring connects to every app you can think of, from eBay to Instagram, Uber and Facebook. Ringly makes it possible for you set the jewelry to whichever notifications you feel are most essential in that moment (even though Tinder can be connected to the app, we are really hoping this isn’t on your “essentials” list).

Whether you are on a dinner date or in an important meeting, women no longer have to join in on the world’s bad phone etiquette. Ringly seems to be the perfect tool to help free every YP woman from the shackles of today’s technological world, solely alerting you of customized notifications such as calls from your mom, Uber messages, meeting reminders or texts from “him.” So enjoy the moment and concentrate on “real life.” 

How does it work? Download the mobile app (iOS and Android) and control who and what comes through the phone by setting different vibration patterns and blinks of light (there’s a tiny light bulb on the side of the ring).

Another notable aspect is that Ringly’s fall ring collection doesn’t look like technology. It is available in four semiprecious stone colorways and is crafted with 18K matte gold and 3 micron plating. By the sounds of it, the company won’t stop there. Ringly is already looking to collaborate with other designers, as well as build with different products. Though these rings are not available until the fall, if you pre-order now you will receive a special discount of 25% off the regular retail price ($145-$180).

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