Ranking: The Most Powerful Passports in the World Have Been Announced

For the third year in a row, Germans possess the most powerful passport in the world.

According to the Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index, Germany’s maroon booklet of fancy stamps grants its citizens visa-free access to 177 of a possible 218 countries in the world.

Swedes possess the world’s second-most powerful passport, which allows for hassle-free travel to 176 countries. Those with Finnish, French, Italian, Spanish, or British passports can revel in casual admittance to 175 countries.

Canada, meanwhile, is tied with the Republic of Ireland, South Korea, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, and Switzerland as having the sixth most powerful passport, capable of permeating 172 borders with relative ease.

This interactive map takes a deeper dive into the numbers, revealing that Canada was tied for having the world’s second-most powerful passport just two years ago. Canada ranked lowest in 2010-2011 when its passport placed 9th in international prestige.

Give or take a few notable exceptions like Turkey or Brazil, there’s very little difference in visa-free movement for Canadians compared to citizens of countries occupying the top five spots on the list.

In the end, we all have to put in a little more effort to holiday in hot spots like North Korea and Saudi Arabia anyway.

The top 10 below:

1. Germany, 177
2. Sweden, 176
3. Finland, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, 175
4. Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, United States, 174
5. Austria, Japan, Singapore, 173
6. Canada, Ireland (Republic of), Korea (Republic of, South), Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, 172
7. Greece, New Zealand, 171
8. Australia, 169
9. Malta, 168
10. Hungary, Czech Republic, Iceland, 167