These Are Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants By Rank and Region

Toronto, you’re spoiled.

Canada’s 100 Best just released their 2016 edition of – you guessed it – Canada’s 100 best restaurants, which includes six in Toronto among the top 10.

The King of Cuisine, however, was awarded to Montreal hot spot Toqué, which has topped the Canada’s 100 Best list for the second year in a row. Runner-up went to Toronto’s Buca Yorkville followed by Vancouver’s Hawksworth Restaurant to round out the top three, the two having switched positions from last year’s ranking.

The top 10 below:

1. Toqué, Montreal
2. Buca Yorkville, Toronto
3. Hawksworth Restaurant, Vancouver
4. Joe Beef, Montreal
5. Le Vin Papillon, Montreal
6. Dandylion, Toronto
7. Alo, Toronto
8. Edulis, Toronto
9. Bar Raval, Toronto
10. Bar Isabel, Toronto

“There was a lot of movement within [these] ranks,” writes Canada’s 100 Best Editor-in-chief Jacob Richler. “And more exciting still, a lot of new restaurants nipping at the heals of more established places – and often pushing them right out of the way in their march up the charts.”

Judges included esteemed chefs like Rob Feenie, David Hawksworth, and Mark McEwan, as well as restaurateurs and prominent food personalities like Yannick Bigourdan and Lynn Crawford.

Somewhat disappointingly, almost all restaurants ranked can be found in just a handful of Canada’s urban centres. Last year’s list didn’t include a single entry from New Brunswick, PEI, Northwest Territories, Yukon or Nunavut; this year included one restaurant in both New Brunswick and PEI.

Here are Canada’s top 100 best restaurants broken down by region:

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 2.05.05 PM

Photo courtesy Restaurant Toqué!