7 Career Paths You Can Take With a Degree in Communications

A degree in Communications is like the Swiss army knife of career paths. With one in your pocket, a door to almost every sector of the workforce can be opened up.

Whether you’re already working in the field and want to take your career to the next level, are looking for something completely new, or are only just beginning to think about your career, this list is for you. Here are just 7 examples of how a masters degree in Communications can be used to net a seriously cool job. Get ready to get inspired.


Your ability to communicate with a vast amount of people from different cultural backgrounds (and bringing their stories to your viewers) is a central part of the newscaster’s role. Prefer life off-camera? Your education can also land you the role of producer, station manager, or news writer.

Recruiting Manager
Being able to express yourself and understand others is integral to working in the Human Resources field. As a recruiting manager, your education and training in Communications will help you interpret an organization’s hiring needs, so you can screen resumes and be an astute interviewer. Your goal? To assemble winning teams sourced from all over the world.

Account Director
Account Directors work within an organization to represent a client’s needs in areas such as sales, campaigns, products, or digital experiences. It’s where your ability to understand a brand’s value in a global market – and your skill at communicating those attributes in the most compelling way – will shape how an entire agency produces work.

Research Analyst
A research analyst can find themselves working anywhere decisions need to be made –  from hospitals, to the government, to private companies. Your research and insights will be the backbone of those decisions, but it’s the way your findings are communicated that will have the most influence in shaping the organization that employs you.

Political Scientist
Many scholars have used a degree in communications to pursue their practice. Bridging the academic fields of political science with an understanding of successful intercultural communication practices is just one way you could work towards a very niche-oriented PhD in political science. This kind of work could influence how governments all over the world communicate.

Region Manager
Organizations or businesses looking to expand their markets will need someone who is interculturally competent to manage their presence in international locations. That’s where you come in. With a masters degree in Communications, you’ll find yourself negotiating contracts for partnerships, hosting incoming delegations, and briefing executives from a variety of cultural protocols in offices that span the globe.

Public Relations
The world of PR is vast and differentiated – from handling sensitive confidential information, to planning lavish sales and marketing events, to managing the public’s perception of important figures. A masters in Communications gives you the foundation you need; where you take it is up to you.

All of these careers require the ability to effectively communicate: verbally, on paper, digitally, or by simply inferring meaning.  But the way to really separate yourself from other candidates competing for these coveted jobs is to hone in on your ability to communicate with an increasingly diversified world.

A school like Royal Roads University, which offers a masters degree in Intercultural and International Communication, will provide you with the necessary training to effectively communicate with organizations and people from vast cultural, economic, social, and political backgrounds. Your success will also rely on finding a school that can adapt its program to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking to learn while continuing your professional life, or need to fully immerse yourself into a program so you can begin a new career quickly, Royal Roads is hyper-focused on creating educational options that deliver a transformative experience in a way that fits the lifestyle of their students.

Why wait? If one of these careers resonates with you, head over to the School of Communication and Culture website to see how easy it is to get started on a versatile degree that can take you just about anywhere.