You Could Win a Vacation in This NYC Apartment… That’s Completely Edible

We have been known to describe some vacations as mouth-watering.

There’s a dish for every European country that you simply must try, some very Instagram-worthy snacks to sample from around the globe, and incredible street food destinations in Asia to gorge on.

But it’s not often that we assign this adjective to our accommodation while we’re on vacation.

Until now. Chobani, an American yogurts, oat and vegetable dip brand, is celebrating its newest product with a delicious foray into the habitat business.

If you’ve ever bemoaned the lack of a decent farmer’s market near your condo, then we might have the pad for you.

Presenting the ‘Chobhani Meze Home’ in honour of its latest range of dips, the company has transformed an apartment in NYC, making it good enough to eat just in time for the Fourth of July weekend.


Photo: Chobani

Chobani have redecorated a “natural escape in the heart of New York City” with an indoor garden and walls that are sprouting vegetables.

So if you feel like harvesting some broccoli during the commercial break of The Bachelor, you go right ahead. Or if your dinner is a little lacking in flavour, why not pluck some rosemary or thyme straight from the wall to enhance your meal?

According to Travel and Leisure, the home has over 25 varieties of produce, including lavender, mint, carrots and lettuce.

One lucky winner and three guests will win a stay in this delectable New York apartment (which has an indoor pool) over the holiday weekend. You have until Friday and no purchase is necessary. Warning: Turkey not included.

We hope Chobani considers keeping this apartment available for rent long after the competition – it sure beats running to the convenience store when we’re out of groceries.