Patois Toronto: Chinese Jamaican Fusion on Dundas West

And you thought you knew fusion.

Patois, chef Craig Wong’s new Dundas W. (794, to be exact) restaurant and bar, is bringing you a combination you haven’t seen in Toronto yet – Chinese-Jamaican.

Now get ready, ‘cause we’re going to drop some geography on you. Wong is from Toronto, shares Chinese and Jamaican lineage, and has trained in both France and the U.K. 

That’s a lot of countries in one kitchen. 

But Wong, the restaurant’s ambience, and the friendly staff all blend together to make it work. From the beachy décor to the fresh coconuts, you’re going to feel like you’re getting out of the city as soon as you step inside. 

Of course, it’s the food that’ll have you most curious. Like the atmosphere, the menu is fun, laid-back, and easily approachable. Plates are intended to be shared for the most part, and Patois places heavy emphasis on the enjoyment you get from interacting while you eat. (Just look to the skateboard wheel lazy Susan for emphasis.) 

Start off with a Jamaican Patty Double Down (exactly what you think it is) or a Chinese ‘Pineapple’ Bun Burger, and order a Patois Shandy (Red Stripe, Ting, Lemon) to really get into the relaxed vibe.

However, it’s clear that it’s the Juicy Jerk Chicken that’s chef Wong’s pride and joy. It’s not smoked, but rather Portuguese roasted. Like everything about Patois, it seems to over-deliver on its simple description.

Open from 5-11pm every day but Tuesday, Patois is like a greatest hits collection of food cultures from different sides of the world. We suggest you go ahead and treat your taste buds to some fusion they’ve never even thought of before. 


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