Pai: Northern Thai Just Got Boozy

There’s only one thing every good meal needs to make it great: alcohol.

Whether it’s a delicious cocktail to help settle you into the evening, or the perfect glass of red wine to accompany your dish, when we go out we always want the option of sipping on something that isn’t water.

And now we have it at our favourite Thai restaurant.

If you’ve somehow missed hearing about it, Pai has been blowing Torontonians away with their authentic Northern Thai since they first opened their doors two and a half months ago. The only thing that was missing was the chance to mix your meal with your libation of choice.

Well, the dry spell is officially over – and we couldn’t be happier.

Now you can order wine by the glass or bottle to match Chef Nuit’s pad Thai. Or draft beer to pair with your Pad Gra Prow, Khao Soi, or Khao Pad Thamada.

It’s the cocktails at Pai that offer the most fun, though.

The Amir Johnson (yes, like the Raptor) is a strong mix of Amaretto and Scotch that will bang you up on the inside if you’re not careful (yes, like the Raptor).

The Cucumber Collins is made dangerously delicious with the addition of fresh lime juice, muddled cucumber, and lemongrass syrup, while the Thai Caesar (made using in-house chili oil and garnished with a pickled mango) and the Summer Dog (think: vodka, peach schnapps, and lychee) both look as good as they taste.

What’s really going to make its mark, however, is when people discover the Thai bucket.

For $27, you and at least one other friend (seriously, you’re not allowed to purchase this alone) will receive a small bucket of heaven. 5oz of rum, a bottle of Thai Red Bull, ice, Coke, and straws. This should bring back all the right memories for anyone who’s ever travelled through Thailand.

The best Thai food in the city just got the only thing it was missing.

Now all it needs is you. 


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