Canadian Intro: Mini Beachcomber Concept

If fun is what you’re looking for in a car, this is the one for you. Meet the MINI Beachcomber Concept – a blend of contemporary and mid-20th century design, surprisingly capable off-road and free of doors. Unlike so many modern throwback failures – think PT Cruiser, Prowler, etc. – MINI managed to create one that’s aesthetically pleasing.

After its debut at the Detroit Autoshow in early January, the Beachcomber made a three-day stop in Toronto before being hurried off to Europe to finish its worldwide tour.

MINI dug deep into their archives for inspiration, “projecting the principle of the Mini Moke (first produced in 1964) into the 21st century.” 

Toronto luxury event planners CANDICE&ALISON teamed up with local designers and talent to design and produce the 50’s-themed MINI Beachcomber display and create an experience that exceeded the standard Autoshow exhibit. 

Canadian designer Farley Chatto outfitted Vlada, Caitlin Jon of Elite Models with MINI-branded retro beachwear, while hair and make-up artist Ivy Lam completed the pin-up girl/beachboy look. Jon’s chic music player is the Lil’G Boombox created by Jasin Dollin

The car itself did everything a concept should do – captivate. Though the Beachcomber did stay true to some MINI trademarks – like the rounded dashboard with spherical dials, gauges and other toys – most of it was totally unique. It has no back, top or sides, fire-red seats and, best of all, it’s a 4-wheel drive. A centre rail travelling from front to back serves as a fastening system for arm rests, storage devices, music players or power outlets. Think of it as an innovative Lego contraption for optimal interior customization. 

It’s difficult to predict whether or not the Beachcomber will see production beyond its concept, but it was evident that Authoshow goers were hoping it does. This is a car for the youthful and carefree, but don’t limit this vehicle to just one demographic. Anyone from toddlers to the elderly took a minute to stop, gaze – even if it was just at the models – and take a few snapshots of the avant-garde MINI concept.