Packing Tips for Your Holiday Getaway

Every young professional has been though it: a vacation nightmare, where forgetting to pack vital items impacts the enjoyment of your voyage. Avoid wasting time, money and stress this holiday season by putting together a well-organized suitcase. Below are some useful packing tips for your next trip…

1. Pack in outfits
To eliminate needless clothing, prearrange ensembles for each day and night of your voyage. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast ahead of time for appropriate outfits! Base your looks around interchangeable, staple pieces such as blue jeans, black blazers, and white tees!

2. Hang outfits  
If there is enough space in your suitcase, hang arranged outfits and place into garment bags, then fold the garment bag into the suitcase. This also makes for easy unpacking; just unzip the garment bags, hang in the closet, and you’re unpacked!

3. Bring a dirty laundry bag
For effortless unpacking, place all dirty clothing in a laundry bag throughout the trip. This eliminates having to sort through your clothing when you get home; just dump the bag in your laundry hamper!

4. Stuff crushable items
Avoid losing the shape of frangible items such as hats and shoes by filling them with socks, scarves and tees. 

5. Pack mini size toiletries
To make for more room and avoid spillage, purchase mini toiletry bottles and fill them with your favourite products.

6. Roll clothing
To prevent wrinkles and create more space, roll your folded clothing and arrange into your suitcase.

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Cover Image from: TwentiesShacker