Opening Soon: SPiN Toronto

The downtown core is about to get a lot more … sporty? With the opening of the Club District sports hub The Ballroom earlier this year, a new favourite ’80s pastime is setting up shop: ping pong. Set to open in about a month’s time at King Street West near Spadina, SPiN Toronto, a “ping pong social club,” will feature the mini courts, a champion’s court, change rooms, restaurant menu service and a lounge area. Modeled after the original club in New York (owned, in part, by actress Susan Sarandon), you can buy a membership to play as you like with discounted prices or just drop in and reserve a table. Don’t remember if you’re any good? SPiN will have a few pros playing around in case you need a refresher course – or three. Find out more here.

Get a head start on ping pong season with a paddle of your own: Donic Schildkröt CarboTec
Sure, you can probably buy some dollar store starter paddle, but we believe in going big or going home. Enter the Donic Schildkröt CarboTec. Made from ultra-mod carbon fibre, the main benefit of this one is weight: it’s light, clocking in at close to 0g. They also say it’s great for control and power shots. At $145 CDN, it’s worth a browse.