Notable Father’s Day Gifts

June has finally arrived. Yes, notables, for a moment there we thought it wasn’t coming. But we have now ushered in the month of sweltering heat (where’d it come from so suddenly?), the imminent end of the NHL season, and, of course, Father’s Day.

Father’s Day – you should probably mark June 19th in your calendar now – was first observed thanks to the efforts of Sonora Smart Dodd, who, after hearing about the inception of Mother’s Day, took it upon herself to raise enough influence to dedicate a day to honouring fathers as well. (Interesting to note, this Father’s Day marks the 101st anniversary, and it also happens to land on the same date in June as the first observation.)

But enough with the history lesson. Each year, as Father’s Day seems to approach with hastening speed subsequent to the celebration of our mothers, young professionals are left scrambling to find the perfect present to show pops just how much they care…or…at least show him they didn’t forget.

To save you from a last-minute purchase of a gas station gift card – because “Hey Dad, I know you love to drive, so…” just doesn’t quite cut it – we’ve put together a few suggestions to help make this year’s Father’s Day extra notable. Read on…

The iPad 2 We know what you’re thinking: a techie toy for a man who sometimes has difficulty turning on the HD box? But the iPad 2 boasts so much to keep dad preoccupied and organized that it can hardly be seen as frivolous and unnecessary. From streaming his favourite music and watching his favourite TV shows, to reading his favourite book and checking out today’s paper, the iPad 2 really is a lifestyle enhancer he’ll be happy to carry around.

Orvis Leather Shave Kit Inspired by the classic shaving bags used in the early 1900s, this case is the perfect addition to any dad’s travel kit. Made of rich, brown American steer-hide leather and accented by brushed-brass hardware and a cotton-canvas lining, this travel case is the ideal companion for the traveling father.

BBQ Hooker Four-in-One Grilling Tool Barbeques are a great gift for Father’s Day…but aren’t they a little overdone? Speaking of overdone, wouldn’t it be great if pops had a tool to make sure his steaks never were? What if this “magical” tool also flipped burgers, hooked meat, and opened his pilsner? Click the link above, then thank us when you become dad’s new favourite offspring.

Bradley Digital Smoker While we’re on the subject of barbequing, why not opt for something a little out of the ordinary. The Bradley Digital Smoker is an at-home smoke house suitable for making expertly smoked meats. With a digital control system that dictates smoke levels, temperature, and smoking time, the Bradley Digital Smoker is the perfect tool for having year-round smoked salmon, double-smoked bacon, or even smoked sausage.

Nespresso Pixie The latest sibling in the Nespresso family is the Pixie, an ultra-fast (it reaches brewing temperature in 25 seconds) addition to the already impressive product line. The Pixie also boasts a smart alert system that lets you know when it’s low on water, and is energy-saving, shutting off after nine minutes of inactivity. With a new design and several colour options, the Nespresso Pixie is sure to make any Father’s Day one to remember.