Offensive Misogynist Roosh V Thinks He ‘Won’ Montreal and Toronto for Some Reason

Noted misogynist and liberal rape law advocate Roosh V has an amusingly skewed view of reality – not just in his offensive methods to pick up and label women, but also in his understanding of the concept of ‘winning’.

“We won in Montreal and we won in Toronto. We will not be silenced,” he tweeted following a seminar in an undisclosed location. He also posted an amazingly desperate victory speech in which the self-appointed deity was rained upon by a chorus of chanting apes.

If having drinks spilt on you by an angry mob and hosting a chat with 50 painfully lonely dudes in a bleak hotel conference room is your definition of “won,” then sure, participation medal for you, bro.

“Nothing is going to stop us now because what we do is legal,” says Doosh V. Maybe, but it’s also abundantly shitty and had everyone from Mayor John Tory to the always-fantastic Councillor Norm Kelly, as well as a petition of 46,000 signatures, urging his ban.

Toronto was the last stop on Roosh’s world tour, which means he’ll again have time to focus on producing such enlightening material as ‘Women Have Reduced Themselves to Sexual Commodities‘ on his irritation to the human eye of a blog.