Video: Controversial Pick-Up Artist Roosh V Gets Drink Thrown at Him in Montreal

We hate to even give this guy the time and space on Notable but we have to applaud Montreal for the well-deserved welcome it gave Daryush Valizadeh, aka Roosh V, by throwing beer in his face.

If you’re not familiar with this class act of a figure, Roosh V is a notorious pick-up artist, anti-feminist blogger, an advocate of ‘neomasculinity’, and all-around awful human.


Roosh V has published 14 books, most of which offer advice to men on how to sleep with women in specific countries, and has also spoken about a variety of topics including how rape should be legal inside your own home.

We have no words.

So it comes as no surprise that Montreal is not happy about his visit here (even Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre tweeted he isn’t welcome here) and that was made clear when a drink was thrown in his face on Friday.

Valizadeh showed up at a Montreal bar dressed in a wig but was immediately recognized and called out as can be seen by the video below obtained by the Concordia University news site TheConU:

Despite Quebec Justice Minister Stephanie Vallee and Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre condemning the seminar, Valizadeh went on to conduct his Montreal workshop and even shared this “victory” video on his YouTube.

His next seminar is scheduled for Toronto on August 15th. Help out Sara Parker-Toulson, the founder of the petition against Valizadeh, to stop this poor excuse of a human being from coming to your city next.