Notable’s Favourite “Young Professional Life” Articles of 2014

The category affectionately referred to as “YP Life” covers everything we all go through – you guessed it – in our every day lives.

This means anything from dating and family dinners, to inspiring interviews with notable people.

In tune with busier schedules and dwindling attention spans, these days, many of our YP Life articles get straight to the point by way of the ever-so-popular “listicle.”

The pitch is in the title: and you’ve swung many times for this collection of our favourite YP Life articles of 2014…

1. 21 Things Canadians Can Brag to Americans About
Just in time for Canada Day, Canadians from coast-to-coast made sure to let their friends south of the border know how they feel by proudly sharing these 21 things we like to hold over Americans.

2. 8 Good Reasons to Get Married After 30
It turns out that we’re not the only ones getting sick of our mom wondering why we’re not married yet. Instead of one reason, we offer you eight…

3. 14 Canadian Inventions You Didn’t Know About But Use All the Time
From peanut butter to the egg carton, fellow Canadians made some of the biggest staples in your life. Here are just 14 of them.

4 11 Things You Need to Do Before You Have Kids
One day you’ll be ready (hell, maybe you already are) but here’s a collection of suggestions to cross of your bucket list before changing diapers becomes part of your daily routine.

5. 12 Things Men Wear that Women Hate
It turns out that the ladies have unanimously hated select items of clothing shamelessly worn by men for years, but nobody had the guts to say it out loud. So we did.

6. How to be a Fighter: Insight From a Cancer Tackler
Young mother Jessica Lui didn’t let a diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia kill her spirit. If you think you’re having a bad day, read her words of wisdom on how to be a fighter.

7. Vancouver YP Turns Tragedy into New Life for Thousands
Vancouver young professional Lesley Kim’s life was changed forever in a freak Halloween accident that would result in the removal of her left eye. What Kim did just months after the accident is truly remarkable.

8. 9 Reasons Why Robin Williams’ Death Hits Hard Among Young Professionals
The death of screen legend Robin Williams was felt hard around the world. But it hit particularly hard for young professionals. Here are 9 reasons why..

9. 21 Signs You’re Getting Over Partying
Well, it had to happen sometime. Could you finally be ready to kiss your party days goodbye? Here are 21 signs you’re getting over partying.

10. Stopping the Spread of Phoney Info on Social Media
We kicked off 2014 with a real bang. There’s so much that’s fake out there (remember when Hugh Hefner didn’t die just two days ago?) it’s good to find a way to cut through the crap.


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