Notable Poll: Toronto’s Best New Bar of 2014

We know – this is going to get more intense than a spoonful of Mary Poppins’ best absinth.

But we have to ask.

A lot of great new bars were born in 2014 in Toronto and one of the many things we loved so much about this year’s litter was the diversity; each bar had its own distinct personality, atmosphere, value prop, and menu. Not to mention the great geographic spread throughout the city.

So it’s time to start talking “Best Of 2014” with the people who best know the best; the young professionals of Toronto.

Whether you liked the bites from the cocktails or the kitchens, we want to know what your favourite new place to put on ice was in 2014. Take a look at the options below and place your vote. If there’s somewhere else you think should be included, and we know there will be, select “Other” and enter their name. We’ll make sure to throw them in the cocktail shaker too… 



East Thirty-Six

El Caballito

Bar Buca


Rush Lane

Linwood Essentials



Thoroughbred Food & Drink


Cover from: Rushlane

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