Notable Recap: First Annual Okanagan Falls Winery Association Tasting

Spring is definitely in the air, and any time the sun shines in Vancouver (aka Raincouver), it’s incredibly hard to stay 100% focused on work. Yesterday was definitely one of those days. Come the afternoon, we were in need of an excuse to escape the mound of papers, emails and (not gonna lie) last few tax filings waiting to be made. So when we got a little reminder from the Okanagan Falls Winery Association to attend their celebratory tasting at Brix, it took us less than a minute to be out the door and en route. 


Upon arrival to the event location (conveniently tucked off Homer Street in Yaletown), we were welcomed to an oasis of wine and food. The venue, Brix Restaurant (aptly named given the wine-minded occasion), affords guests a stunning entrance into an atrium-like space, which is transformed into an intimate dining area come service hours. For this particular tasting, it was filled with a bank of tables and row upon row of Okanagan-grown wine.  


After being handed a glass, we set to work. Our mission simply being to taste our way around the amazing wineries representing Okanagan Falls. With at least 30 different top-notch wineries in attendance, there was plenty of sipping and, as it turned out, mingling to be done.  

Guests in attendance were varied, be they local wine and food media, private buyers on the hunt for cellar-worthy picks and store or establishment owners searching for wines to spruce up their seasonal list; we made sure to shake a few hands in between sampling.


Helping fuel the tasting, Brix Restaurant kept our appetites at bay with a constant introduction of delectable appetizers that melded perfectly with the vast variety of wines represented. Our favourite nibbles had to be the seared tuna, mini fish and chip bites and phyllo stuffed with warm pear and melted brie (definitely a must-attempt at home).

After we’d circled the room and reconnected with old friends as well as made a few new acquaintances, we made it our mission to source at least five noteworthy wines we think young professionals ought to sleuth out at local VQA stores upon official 2013 vintage release.


Thirsty yet? Here’s our list of white wines (and a few rosé) worth noting for the season ahead:

Kraze Legz Vineyard and Winery Speakeasy Rosé (easy sipping, loaded with strawberry and slight cranberry and cherry flavours)
Blasted Church Vineyard Pinot Gris (great grapefruit, apple and citrus notes with a crisp finish)
Stag’s Hollow Sauvignon Blanc (nice, balanced citrus flavours with just enough tartness)
See Ya Later Ranch ‘Jimmy My Pal’ white blend (definitely going to be a patio favourite with balanced Chardonnay, Riesling and Pinot Gris)
Meyer Family Vineyards Rosé (subtle soft strawberry and rhubarb and berry flavours, a definite easy-drinking wine for hot summer days)