ALDO Does ‘YP Chic’ This Spring

Let’s be honest; appearance matters to the urban young professional (YP). At, the style we affectionately refer to as ‘YP Chic’ involves a certain degree of refinement and character, amplified with accessories, colours and, of course, shoes that give subtle nods to both your professional and social personality traits. How you dress reveals hints as to what type of individual, hire, client, or even love interest you may be. YP Chic doesn’t try too hard to be anything, but definitely conveys the message that you’ve arrived and are seasoned in both your style and everyday YP life – or with “the grind,” if you will. Need further explanation? ALDO offers a little insight as to what’s hot this spring on their fresh new site, everything from plastics and metallics to bubble gum hues. Check it out for further spring wardrobe details

For the YP Lady: Digital Dandy
The Digital Dandy look provides a fun, fresh option for an after-work patio drink this season, and says fun, yet still professional…just in case you run into a client or someone from the office. ALDO’s Deputy bag (only $55) is big enough to carry work and iPads home with you, but the studs reveal a little more playfulness (and hopefully a subsequently relaxed attitude) than the traditional box-like office bag or briefcase. The long-short dress makes a perfect transition from the office to the evening venue of choice; it’s sexy enough in the front to reveal your summertime-ready legs, but longer in the back, a practical option for those low drawers at your filing cabinet. Before you leave the office, trade the blazer for a more relaxed denim jacket for the evening – a reminder that the workday is over. The look is completed with ALDO’s Dandy slipper, a flat that continues the trend of sensibility with an edge, offering rock star studs in a more glamorous shoe than your typical ballet flat. They can be yours for only $70 and are an essential for the warmer months, pairing with everything from an office-appropriate dress to skinny jeans and a vintage band tee.

For the YP Guy: Soft Spot
Every guy has an inner soft spot, and what better time to show it than in the spring months? ALDO’s Soft Spot look is seemingly designed for the YP guy on vacation – whether for boating through the city harbour, cottaging north of the city, hitting the Hamptons, and just about everything in between. It screams laidback while put together and reveals that your vacation mode is definitely in full effect (you’ve earned it, after all). Achieve this look by ditching the skinnies and rolling up your favourite baggy jeans and pairing them with a basic white t-shirt and soft cardigan. One of our favourite ALDO shoes for men this season are the Plimsolls, a perfect go-to spring/summer shoe that offers an easygoing and stylish touch to that weekend outfit. First established in 1830, the Plimsolls are every beach boy and boat-frequenting YP’s weekend staple. They are subtle, yet eye-catching, with contrast laces and a bright white, vulcanized sole that makes them as heavy duty as they are light. Don’t forget that seasonal accessories aren’t just for the ladies. Case in point: ALDO’S Gollop Bracelet and the Maunu Sunglasses.