Notable Poll: What’s the Best Outdoor Pool in Toronto?

It’s hot.

Like, I-don’t-have-a-cottage-and-I-have-rage hot.

So we want to know what you think the best outdoor pool in the city is. ‘Cause when you need to cool off in Toronto, it isn’t always just about the temperature of the water.

Drinks, tanning chairs, DJs. What else drives your urge to dive in?

We’ve highlighted nine of the most notable outdoor pool choices in Toronto – your backyard doesn’t count – but if you’ve got another one in mind, simply select ‘other’, enter the name (and your best unnecessary ‘breast stroke’ line), and we’ll count up every vote when all is said and done.



The Hilton
You have to be a guest to take the plunge, but the indoor/outdoor option (see: rainy days can’t stop you), towel service, and ability to have room service delivered to your tanning chair makes this a downtown option to be reckoned with. Can you say, staycation.

Chill poolside during the day as you gear up for the dance party that night. This might be as close to 24hrs of pool as you’re going to get.

The Hyatt
Thursday through Sunday, it’ll cost $39 for access to the pool… but that also includes a drink. Oh, and a rooftop view of the CN Tower. You know, if that’s your thing.

Wild Water Kingdom
Sure, it’s not downtown. But when you have a lazy river, world-class water slides, and a wave pool, we can’t just cut you out when you’re only 20 minutes away. 

Cabana Pool Bar
We already told you about Cabana Pool Bar. And while it might not be for everyone, it is the best place in the city to make your Instagram followers jealous.

The Thompson
Once again, you’ve got to pay to stay if you want to slip into this pool with arguably the best view in the entire city. It’s so pretty they could probably charge you just to look at it. 

Public Pools
Whether it’s the Sunnyside Pavilion or Christie Pitts that claims your swimmer’s heart, this is where you vote for the freebies. 

The Radisson Admiral
It’s not called Admiral for nothing. Soak up the sun and enjoy the use of the pool as you gaze out on Lake Ontario. During the week it’ll cost you $30, but on weekends that jumps up to $40.

The Sheraton
They claim it’s the largest indoor/outdoor heated pool in downtown Toronto. And while that’s all well and good, we’re more focused on the pool bar. $35 for the day.


This Poll is now closed, click here to see the winner.



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