Notable Now Calgary: January 3, 2014

Funny Fest
Do you think you’re a funny person? Maybe you should try stand-up comedy. Starting on January 7th you can take part in the Comedy Workshop, which is presented by FunnyFest. The Secrets of Stand Up Comedy workshop will be happening every Tuesday from 7 to 9pm and runs for 6 weeks. At these sessions you’ll learn how to deliver comedy to a crowd and how to write your own material. At the end of the sessions you’ll perform your very own stand up routine for your peers. To learn more: or email

Cathy Simone’s solo exhibition will be up on display starting on the 8th at the Lougheed House. Simone is an equine photographer whose work beautifully captures the spirit of her subjects. Unbridled will be part of the Exposure Festival, which starts early next month. Now going into it’s third year, the festival celebrates the photography of artists in the Calgary, Banff and Canmore area. You can expect to see lots of photography shows popping up around the city closer to the end of the month.

The Summit
On January 8th Documentary Soup will be screening their feature film called ‘The Summit’. The film tells the story of 24 climbers who made it to the High Camp of K2 (the final stop before reaching the summit of the most perilous mountain on earth). In a matter of days after reaching the camp, the climber’s adventure takes a disastrous turn when 11 of the 24 perish or simply disappear. This riveting film explores the climber’s code of ethics and one of the most dangerous hobbies known to man. Tickets are $13.

Brimful of Asha
From January 9th to 11th you can experience a hilarious story about cultural clashes. Ravi’s traditional parents are concerned that time is running out for their son to find a match so they go to work finding him a suitable Indian girl for him to marry. Ravi is less than happy about the situation. This two-person play is comprised of a real-life mother and son team, which makes the story all the more interesting. Tickets are $35 and the play run for 90 minutes.

The Music Man
Brought to you by the University of Calgary Operetta Company, the Music Man tells the tale of a smooth talking con artist named Harold Hill who makes his money conning the people of River City into buying musical instruments for a boys band that he has promised to organize. This ruse should be a challenge to pull off for Harold considering he doesn’t know how to play a single instrument. You’ll love the sounds of the marching band and the awkward situations that Harold puts himself in to make a few dollars. The cast feature 50 musicians and an orchestra of 27. Tickets are $20. 403-220-7202. Play starts January 9th.

J Cole
This American hip-hop superstar was one of the first artists to be added to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation record label roster. Cole wowed fans with his first album and was nominated for best new artist last year. He now is back on tour with a second self-produced album called ‘Born Sinner’, which was released earlier this summer. Born Sinner hit #1 on the Billboard Charts this year and features hit singles like ‘Power Trip’. Cole will be at the Big Four building on January 17th. You can purchase tickets online at

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Cover photo: J Cole