Like Having Fresh Eggs? Well, You Can Now Rent a Chicken

If you want fresh eggs, you may want to consider renting a chicken.

Yes, we’re being serious.

It’s a dilemma faced by countless breakfast-loving young professionals across the country; you want your eggs as fresh as they’d be on a farm (only the finest for your eggs benny, thank you) but owning a chicken is, well, a big commitment.

With their 7-10-year lifespan, owning a chicken is right up there with a cat or a dog.

Which is why it makes more sense to rent one. 

Poultry leases are a growing industry for companies in North America as the demand for local and organic continues to grow. A growing number of companies are renting packages that include hens, a coop, supplies, and support with the whole process.

After all, if you’re looking for local, it doesn’t get closer than grabbing eggs from your own (rental) hen.

If you live in Toronto, you’re in luck; a Pennsylvania-based start-up, appropriately called Rent the Chicken, has expanded into Canada. For $375, two hens can be yours from May to October, complete with all the trappings. The result is 8-14 fresh eggs per week.

A deluxe edition offers more chickens, and there’s even a “Hatch The Chicken Rental Package,” which allows you to re-visit your kindergarten field trip days when you can experience the hatching of baby chicks. If you have kids or just happen to know any, this is pretty much guaranteed to score you major points.

So if you’re now suddenly in the market for a chicken, you can check out your options here.

And don’t worry; if you happen to fall in love with the chicken as it becomes part of your family, you can always adopt it.

For real.


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