Notable Poll: The Best Brunch in Vancouver As Voted By You

Drumroll, please.

Seriously, brunch deserves it.

The results are in and it’s clear as a very rare sunny Vancouver day that “brunching” is a part of the Vancouverite vocabulary.

Whether you’re in it to chase the hair of the dog with a few Caesars — and maybe mimosas — or simply to get your weekly intake of crispy bacon, everyone has some kind of commentary to pipe in.

In the en,d the recently relocated, Belgian-focused eatery Chambar took the (pan)cake.

Why, you ask?

Because their fluffy and delicious salted-caramel waffles are served until 3pm and they probably got bonus points since many of their mouth-watering breakfast items like the braised short ribs fricassee and paella are served all day, making brunch a day-long affair.

Need we say more?

A Notable shoutout goes to Yolk’s Restaurant & Commissary and Jethro’s.

Take a gander below and check out the results in a lovely pie chart. If you disagree with what you see, comment in the section below. Or you could always put down your mimosa and vote next round.

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