L’Atelier d’Argentine : There’s New Meat in Town

When we heard that an Argentinean restaurant has opened its doors in Montreal’s trendy Old Port, our eyes lit on fire and taste buds started doing the Tango. Why? Vegetarians please don’t judge, but we love our meat.

Now, if you know anything about the Argentinean way in the kitchen, it’s that they are quite highly influenced by Europe. Their food is mainly a variation of Mediterranean cooking, with emphasis on products that can be easily grown or raised in the area. L’Atelier D’Argentine‘s philosophy here is a perfect formula of simple food that, once tasted, can transport you mentally to what it would be like sitting in Buenos Aires and savouring what it has to offer – especially when there is a master chef by the name of Natalia Machado from the homeland.

We started with two appetizers, the Terrina De Pulpo, an Octopus terrine with arugula, jalapeño, chipotle flakes, lime, all in olive oil and the Provoleta, which is grilled provolone cheese, grated tomato mojo and toast. And after that, a meat fest of epic proportions and aromas arrived.

Here we go: Bife De Chorizo, also known as Sirloin Steak, Asado De Tira, aka Short Ribs, and Ojo De Bife, the Rib Eye, all came grilled to perfection with chimichurri and criolla sauce. The meats were marinated and prepared perfectly the way we requested and the best thing of all is that you indulge in the essence of the meat itself, its texture and taste. This, my friends, is what a true meat lover’s plate should offer. Of course no meat should be accompanied without its beloved sidekick, a solid glass of red. We ordered the Bodegas Ecobruno 300 Dias de Sol from Tempranillo, Spain, as recommended, and the burst of flavour after each bite beautifully synchronized alongside it. The vino list consists of a plenitude of whites, reds, roses, and champagnes to satisfy whatever your little alcohol preference hearts desire.

The interior is precisely what we would expect Argentina to represent – rustic but modern, a little darker, which gives it a sophisticated but not stuffy feel. The space feels open with its glass and metal décor, which surprisingly creates an intimate vibe of romance…or perhaps it’s their enchanting campfire. You will definitely have to go yourself to see. 

As the Argentinean proverb says, “Panza llena, corazón content” – a full belly makes for a happy heart. We surely found that happiness here last night.