Executive Reads: Marina Cordoni

Marina Cordoni is Vice President of Movies at Breakthrough Entertainment, an award-winning production and international distribution company based in Toronto. In her role, Marina oversees the acquisition, distribution and sales of original and third party-produced feature films and television movies for domestic and international markets. In the last six months she has acquired the rights to 10 new feature, in her continued efforts to grow the division by creating a global business of recognition and financial success for North American filmmakers. 

She is currently working on launching two new features at the upcoming Montreal World Film Festival, UNLUCKY and PLEASE KILL MR KNOW IT ALL. 

The following are three books (of many) which inspired her journey; from the chair of a receptionist at a TV Company in 1988 greeting the filmmakers, to the VP suite in 2012 helping them promote and sell their films… 

He had me at hello. His courage, his powerful communication, and his ability to coach peak performances leading by example. I love his words, they feel comforting. It’s like he is saying: we can be nice business people! We can win by understanding and mastering our emotions, our way of being. This book helped me to break out of my early caterpillar and would eventually inspire me to coach others in my industry on effective and persuasive communication skills.

I have to admit, I may have picked up this book 15-odd years ago thinking it was a biography of the historical Napoleon. When I found out it was a philosopher, I did not regret my decision. There are life skills in this book that helped me to conquer fears in business situations. Stories that inspired me to be a better thinker, a better writer, a better employee, a better leader, a better person. And he wrote it in 1937! It confirms the age old saying – if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. I learned to be open-minded.

THE STORY FACTOR – Annette Simmons
I have included this little-known book in business circles, as it has the most dog-eared pages of any of my books. I work in a creative business, and although I am on the executive decision-making side, I talk to artists from all walks of the entertainment field all day long. I am adamant that I speak people’s language. With suggested techniques looking at structure, tone, and language, this book helped me turn my ‘business’ conversations into stories that mirrored the way the artist communicates and understands. It helps me to speak from my heart.