Last Minute Valentine’s Day Plans in Vancouver

If you’ve been charged with the sole responsibility of planning Valentine’s Day, you can stop sweating.

We’re here to mitigate the damage and keep you out of the doghouse with the most Notable last-minute Valentine’s Day plans in Vancouver. 

Lace up for a romantic skate around the Robson Square Ice Rink. There are few things more romantic than being hand-in-hand with your loved one twirling (or more realistically fumbling) around the epicentre of Downtown.

If you’ve waited this long to make a dinner reservation, let’s get real: it isn’t happening. Cooking for your significant other can make things more personal and even more romantic.

Really want to impress your date?

This is what we like to call a multi-tasked day date, a.k.a. running errands in an orderly fashion.

Take a romantic stroll around Granville Island during the day with your partner and pick out live oysters and a shucking knife from The Lobster Man. We would suggest a selection of Kuushis, Royal Miyagis, and Kumomotos. For those of you who are willing and able, their site shows you how to shuck them without losing an appendage.

If you’re not into aphrodisiacs, they also have live lobsters (hence the name)­, crabs, and clams. While you’re there you can also go to the Granville Island Market and pick up the rest of your ingredients.

Known for frequently burning toast? Then ignore the former. Even if restaurants are not taking reservations, they will be open for take-out.

Celebrate your unconditional love of carbs and give Nook a call. Your only task will be plating the dishes like you’re David Chang.

Bonus points for getting a proper wine pairing. We also highly suggest having candles on hand.

Skipping dinner altogether?

Valentine’s Day happens to land on a Saturday this year, so spice things up and head to a bar.

Check out The Keefer, Chinatown’s gem known for their award-winning artisan cocktails and delicious appetizers.

If you know what’s good for you, you’ll order their Peking Duck Sliders and the Laoshi.

None of the above sound thrilling enough? Get your adrenaline going and zip-line your way to fondue on Grouse Mountain. If this doesn’t get your blood flowing, we don’t know what will.  

And remember, fake it ’til you make it. The only one who knows you didn’t have these plans up your sleeve all along is you. So let’s keep it that way…


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