Breaking News: Whole Foods is Coming to Calgary in 2017

Don’t be afraid to admit it, we all get a bit of grocery store envy when we visit Whole Foods stores in Vancouver, a staple of grocery shopping on the West Coast.

But here’s the good news: Whole Foods, known for their incredible selection of natural and organic products, has just announced plans to open two new stores in Alberta. This means Calgary and Edmonton can soon look forward to the same great food market experience that people are accustomed to in British Columbia. 

While Calgary has no shortage of supermarkets and grocery chains, there’s often a limited supply of organic, socially conscious goods available. And let’s face it: nobody likes leaving the store feeling underwhelmed with what’s in their shopping cart.

The location for the Calgary store has not yet been announced, but more details are expected to come early this summer. Edmonton’s Whole Foods store, meanwhile, is set to open next year.

Beyond supporting the local agricultural scene and creating approximately 150 new jobs with the new Calgary store alone, we’ll soon have options for anyone who dreads asking the grocery store clerk for Kombucha or organic quinoa.

Now that’s notable.


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