Last Hour Larks

Staring at the clock and wishing you were somewhere else besides the office going through a ton of paperwork? Sometimes you just need a little light entertainment to make your day go by that bit quicker, and so we decided to take the liberty of compiling a list of some of the best time-wasting apps and sites out there at the moment. Note: Notable does not condone wasting your company’s time…but if you’re going to do so, you should do it with style…

Take This Lollipop
Top of the list for procrastinating apps of the moment has to be the Facebook app Take this Lollipop, a new interactive and personalized video experience that transports you into the creepy world of your Facebook stalker. Watch as the stalker hacks into your Facebook account and gazes over pictures of you, just before he sets off in his car to track you down! It’s the ultimate spook app for this Halloween and it’s sure to send shivers down your spine. If you’re not among the 2 million or so people to have encountered this eerie experience yet , then be sure to log on to Take This Lollipop now.

7 Billion People and you: What’s your number?
Have you ever wondered where you fit into the story of human life? Well now – believe it or not – you can find out exactly how many people came before you in this world, and what number you possess of the current global population, and it’s all thanks to this nifty site courtesy the BBC. Just enter your date of birth and let the app do the calculations. As well as getting an interesting insight into your special place in this world, you can also find out other real-time tidbits about the globe, like what’s the fastest shrinking country at present? Or how many people have lived on this earth since time began? The best part of all is that the site is an add-on to the BBC website, so your procrastinating can be easily concealed as some important research, if need be…

If you want to indulge in some serious cyber slacking, then check out this Stripgenerator app…and before your mind starts to wander, no, it doesn’t involve anything remotely seedy. This creative app helps you to build your very own personalized comic strip in a matter of minutes and without any artistic abilities required. Have some fun and include workmates or friends in your customized comic strip and share the fruits of your labour with them via internal G-Chat.

It may not have been produced for the purpose of entertainment, but the Bump app is sure to be a novelty for first-time users. Bump is a virtual business card that allows you to beam personal contact information (name, photo, email, phone number, Facebook, etc.) from one bump-enabled device to another, just by tapping phones against each other. So get you colleagues on board for a day of “bumping.” Make a tourney out of it too, perhaps…

Post Secret
This is not an app per se, but more of a voyeuristic time-wasting site. Post Secret is a website that publishes actual postcards mailed in by people looking to share their deepest secrets. The site’s creators call it an “ongoing community art project.” A sample of the secrets on the site at present include: “I fantasize about sneaking into your house with the duped key I made while housesitting for you,” and “My Sister saved me from committing suicide…she doesn’t know…and they don’t make thank you cards for that.” Log onto the site and browse through some of the deepest and darkest secrets of total strangers.

Graph Jam
Graph Jam gives humour a statistical edge by allowing users to create graphs or charts that illustrate various aspects of life. One graph up on the site at the moment analyzes a person’s interest in a job review; the results? One per cent of the pie chart is taken up with “how you performed” whilst the other 99 per cent represents ‘your new salary.’ Get onto the site to discover some more humorous visual representations that will be sure to help give your time wings.

Virtual Bubble Wrap (A Classic YP Favourite)
A YP’s life can be challenging at times and every now and then we just need to relieve a little stress. What gives more satisfaction than indulging in some bubble wrap bursting from time to time? With Virtual Bubble Wrap, you can burst as many bubbles as you want, as often as you like and all from the convenience of your computer or smart phone. (We know, you’ve probably indulged in a little pop-tastic time wasting before, but we still love this mind-numbing site from time to time.)