Recap: Black + Blue Opening

On Friday, the Notable team had the ultimate reason to ditch work early: to attend the latest opening brought to Vancouver by the successful Glowbal Group empire of restaurants. We happily swung by the posh, invite-only party in order to toast the launch of Black + Blue.

Tucked along the burgeoning Alberni corridor – which has become home to more and more businesses, stylish boutiques and trendy après-work lounges – Black + Blue is perfectly situated (at 1032 Alberni Street) and brings something completely different to this increasingly popular uptown ‘hood.

This massive multi-storey space is impressive from the outside (think: glass-walled elevator that whisks guests throughout the floors), and that was even before we forged our way up the carpet and inside an already buzzing party. Prominently featured is what we aptly called ‘the meat locker’; a massive refrigerator displaying a multitude of choice cuts of beef aims to provide pretty much any style of steak a carnivore could ever dream of – Canadian Prime, US select, delicate Wagyu for starters, not to mention plenty of other more exotic grilled goods, poultry and plenty from the sea.

There seemed to be a constant rotation of delectable sample-sized bites and prime roast on offer to guests, expertly sliced and piled on plates. We tucked into the most delicious tartare (perhaps ever invented) between sips of champagne, custom cocktails and plenty more opulent offerings on-hand.

Over the course of an hour, it seemed the well-heeled, post-work crowd more than doubled in size and the energy of Black + Blue truly came to life, full tilt.

Get a glimpse of what we’re talking about and check out our gallery to see for yourself. As the new meat-centric spot on the block, we think Black + Blue notably raises the steaks (wink, wink).